Jenny Lightstone and Scott Schwartz

Jennifer Lightstone

JenniferJennifer, along with co-founder, Scott, opened the doors to Psoas in 2003.

But her passion for bodywork started long before. As a child who had a love for all things sport, Jenny was first introduced to massage via injury while competing at gymnastics and state level diving. But as she grew older and took on surfing, cycling, and distance running, her appreciation for bodywork developed into something far greater—a way of life.

The more Jenny came to embrace massage, however, the more she realized what a challenge it could be to find all the desired techniques/benefits under one roof.  This was 2000, the year she decided to become a massage therapist.

Soon after receiving her license, Jenny met Scott. While their backgrounds are very different, their vision for bodywork was 100% aligned. They both dreamed of a place where a massage enthusiast could get the exact treatment they desired from a therapist who knew exactly how to perform said treatment. So they made it so.

As Psoas continued to grow and build an enviable list of clients, Jennifer discovered her second calling. What she believes to be her personal mission in the massage industry.  And that’s creating a home for like-minded therapists who truly believe in improving their clients’ lives through the power of bodywork. Word must be out, too, because the best of the best keep finding their way to Psoas.

Today, Jennifer continues to push the limits of what a massage therapy studio can offer while remaining as thankful and humble as ever to be a part of her wonderful clients’ lives.  When not at Psoas, she’s usually scheming her next travel adventure with husband, Greg, or surfing in Bolinas. Life is good.

Scott Schwartz

ScottScott's enthusiasm for the bodywork profession stems from a lifelong love of athletics coupled with a strong interest in the healing arts. Being trusted to work on athletes, people with repetitive professions, and those with bodily pain, instability, and tension is a privilege that he takes very seriously. He is committed to helping athletes gain optimal athletic performance and those who want to regain the quality of life compromised by overuse injuries.

Scott has over 450 hours of massage and bodywork training yet believes that his education has just begun. His training includes Sports, clinical Deep Tissue and Soft Tissue manipulation, Orthopedic and Swedish massage, as well as Trigger Point, Myofascial Release, Traeger and Reflexology. Scott is now a certified Active Release Practitioner, which has solidified his accuracy at injury rehabilitation. His training is complimented by an in depth understanding of anatomy and biomechanics, acquired from a lifetime of sporting endeavor and years of intense yoga training.

Scott maintains his athletic lifestyle and has a strong Iyengar yoga practice. He enjoys, reading, music, poker and outdoor adventures. Other passions are web development and digital imagery, which give him the unfortunate knowledge of knowing first-hand about repetitive computer use strain.