About Us

Photo of ART training at Psoas

Psoas Massage + Bodywork is a team of talented, experienced and well-educated bodyworkers, committed to the highest quality of treatment.

Founded in 2003, Psoas was born out of a desire to aid athletes and people in pain, and to provide the best bodywork available from every member of the Psoas team. Owner Jenny Lightstone, also a trained therapist, is grateful to have the opportunity to play a part in this process. 

Why the “Psoas” muscle?

Deep within the core of the body, close to the spine in the abdomen, lays a little-known muscle called the Psoas. We marvel at the mysterious nature of the Psoas and chose this muscle to represent us due to its essential function in the body.

The Psoas works continuously – while running or walking, sitting and even reclining. It attaches the upper body to the lower body and is vital for ambulation (walking or moving about.) Whenever a leg is lifted, the Psoas should be to thank for it. Janet Travell, a pioneer in Myofascial Trigger Point treatment, called the Psoas the “Hidden Prankster” due to its elusive role in many musculo-skeletal conditions from lower back pain to overly pronated feet.

Why the name “Psoas”?

Due to its essential yet complex role, the Psoas represents the need to dive deep with skill to navigate the puzzle of the human body in each individual. By partnering with our clients and combining a wide range of modalities, we individually-customize bodywork programs for short or long term issues. Short term sessions are designed for each client’s needs, whether relief of chronic pain, ankle sprain, tendonitis, competition recovery, muscle overuse, body maintenance, scar reduction, soreness, or simply relaxation. Our “Bodywork for Life” program is designed to prevent injuries, enhance freedom in the body, and increase one’s ability to enjoy a full and active life.