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It is wonderful to get a massage from a qualified therapist that truly understands the body.  I am always asked what areas of the body I am concerned with on that day.  My therapist actually focuses on the areas we’ve discussed and then works hard to find additional issues or trouble spots.  I always leave Psoas feeling lighter and better prepared for work or play!”

– Kelly Lynch, Owner, Provention Plus

Healed. That’s what happened to me.  Now, it wasn’t overnight, but I was able to recover from a hamstring injury that I’d been dealing with for over 18 months.  The staff was thoughtful and took the time to understand my specific needs, then catered the treatment to (in my case) facilitate the healing process.  The price is fair and reasonable, and 100% worth it.  P.S. They are pretty darn good at “regular” massages too!”

– Chris Leyerle, Runner

Psoas Massage and Bodywork makes a great partner for any athlete.  Jenny and Scott have put together a top notch team of therapists who truly know their art and are focused on the human body and keeping it healthy. I have challenged my own body with sports as diverse as climbing, snow boarding, and marathon running. While I have dealt with my fair share of sore muscles, I have avoided any injuries that would cause me to miss an event or outdoor trip. I attribute much of my body’s continued health to the holistic attention I have received from the therapists at Psoas. They not only provide great bodywork, they also educate their clients on how to stretch and perform self-therapy on their own bodies. I am also impressed with the attention to detail and the professionalism at Psoas. I would recommend them without hesitation to anyone looking for excellent sports massage.”

– Jeremy Yun, Marathon Runner, Rock Climber

When I got back from climbing El Cap, I couldn’t make a fist with my left hand.  The therapists at Psoas checked out my problem and after two 60 minute sessions in back-to-back days, I was back to normal.  I was really impressed with the staff’s knowledge and their personalized approach to helping me with my injury.  When I go to Psoas I don’t feel like I’m getting a “massage” as much as I feel like the therapist is working with me on my unique issues.”

– Michael Brody, Teacher, Rock Climber

Whether aching from overdoing it at the gym, sleeping wrong on my neck, or lugging my baby around, the therapists at Psoas bring relief every time!  I have seen several of their therapists and each time I walk away with increased mobility, flexibility and decreased pain.  It is so hard to find a good deep tissue massage, and every therapist I have seen at Psoas takes the pressure to the perfect degree where I feel like the muscle tissue is actually changing.  I highly recommend Psoas for excellent therapeutic massage therapy!”

– Alison Sirkus, Mom, Graduate Student

I have been a Psoas follower for over 3 years. Let me start by saying, I am not some die-hard athlete, but I am someone who is athletic and active in recreational activities. Through Psoas, I have learned the VALUE and necessity for ongoing massage and bodywork.

Because Psoas has many highly skilled therapists to choose from, I decided to explore the various skills and technique of several therapists. The bodywork I receive ranges from deep tissue, sports massage, Thai massage, and as of late prenatal body work. Each technique is different, yet the level of expertise and reward to my body has been consistent. Psoas is by far the most rewarding and effective bodywork I have ever received. This isn’t some ordinary massage where you feel good for a few hours and then the annoying pain returns. The key word from my experience is effective. This is the type of bodywork that improves my ability to enjoy a happy and active lifestyle. So far my pregnancy has been a breeze and I contribute 99% of that to the phenomenal body work I’ve received from the therapists at Psoas.”

– Jennifer Rakar, Athlete, Deskworker, Mom

I wish I could take a bullhorn down to Crissy Field and give everyone out there running, biking, and rollerblading a giant head’s up that they should get themselves immediately to Psoas. I used to think that stretching was about all I had to do to compliment my running. I had no idea what regular sports massages would do to my body and to my flexibility, and to my ease of movement, and to my peace of mind about what was going on in my muscles. I run with tons more confidence thanks to Psoas.”

– Jenny Johnston, Runner