Dr. Katherine McCarty, D.C.

In 2018 Dr. McCarty began collaborating with Psoas Massage and Bodywork as their resident chiropractor, providing an avenue for clients to seek optimal health with both bodywork and chiropractic care in a single, accessible location. Katherine not only brings to Psoas a well-educated mind and practiced hands, but her warm heart and dedication to her practice are radiating.

The human potential is what makes Dr. McCarty so passionate about Chiropractic. She has witnessed countless families regain their lifestyle habits under chiropractic care because they are finally able to move, be active with their children and/or pets, and overcome pain or illness by taking stress off their nervous system. She believes in everyone understanding how their body can overcome the common ailments of pain, immobility, and decreased function of their hormones, organs, and immunity by looking to the spine.

While interning in Sweden, Dr. McCarty learned how functionality is the core of what chiropractic provides for people. She obtained her chiropractic degree in 2014 from Life University Chiropractic College in Georgia, after achieving a Bachelors of Arts from Miami University in 2010, and since then has seen individuals transform their health away from medicine and life-altering surgeries. While working with chiropractors both in North Carolina and here in the San Francisco Bay Area, Dr. McCarty saw the importance of care management for the individual, and how health can only come from awareness of one’s body and/or condition, and the mutual choice to care for it.

Katherine’s style of chiropractic can accommodate a wide range from traditional manual adjustments to more gentle techniques using the Activator and SOT blocking.

She specializes in assessing the spine for nerve impingement (a pinched nerve) caused by structural misalignments. In addition to the symptoms one might normally seek chiropractic like neck/back pain, Dr. McCarty is experienced and skilled with resolving other issues like digestive pain, wrist/forearm tension, jaw tension, headaches, scoliosis, and numbness or tingling in the arms, hands, fingers, and legs. For other soft tissue issues, her goal is to help align the spine for optimal nervous system function while collaborating with our massage team for focused tissue work.

Katherine also donates her time and services to several local women’s shelters in San Francisco. When not working, you will either find her swimming laps, planning her next travel adventure, or curling up watching old timey movies.

She is eager to continue working hand in hand with the efforts of Psoas Massage and Bodywork to give people the foundation to care for themselves and not be limited by spinal subluxations and soft tissue restrictions.