Jenny Lightstone and Scott Schwartz

Jennifer Lightstone

JenniferJennifer, along with co-founder, Scott, opened the doors to Psoas in 2003.

But her passion for bodywork started long before. As a child who had a love for all things sport, Jenny was first introduced to massage via injury while competing at gymnastics and state level diving. But as she grew older and took on surfing, cycling, and distance running, her appreciation for bodywork developed into something far greater—a way of life.

The more Jenny came to embrace massage, however, the more she realized what a challenge it could be to find all the desired techniques/benefits under one roof.  This was 2000, the year she decided to become a massage therapist.

Soon after receiving her license, Jenny met Scott. While their backgrounds are very different, their vision for bodywork was 100% aligned. They both dreamed of a place where a massage enthusiast could get the exact treatment they desired from a therapist who knew exactly how to perform said treatment. So they made it so.

As Psoas continued to grow and build an enviable list of clients, Jennifer discovered her second calling. What she believes to be her personal mission in the massage industry.  And that’s creating a home for like-minded therapists who truly believe in improving their clients’ lives through the power of bodywork. Word must be out, too, because the best of the best keep finding their way to Psoas.

Today, Jennifer continues to push the limits of what a massage therapy clinic can offer while remaining as thankful and humble as ever to be a part of her wonderful clients’ lives.  When not at Psoas, she’s usually scheming her next travel adventure with husband, Greg, or surfing in Bolinas. Life is good.

Scott Schwartz


A full-time clinician since 2003, Scott believes that a skilled bodyworker can truly change the course of another person's life for the better. He doubts we have enough years to even come close to the peak human capacity for bodywork skills. So we better get moving. He is motivated by a deeply rooted desire to help others and an overarching goal of excellence. 

Scott was always an athlete, and at the age of 21 developed a deep connection to yoga in his hometown of New York City. This eventually blossomed into a deep love of Iyengar Yoga in San Francisco. As an athlete, he acquired a deep sense of movement, strength, power and timing. Through his yogic training, he developed an understanding of balance, structure and range of motion. All these elements have shaped and continue to shape his fascination with movement and structure in the context of bodywork. 

Scott excels in the use of Active Release Techniques (ART), Myofascial Release (MFR), Nerve Entrapment work, working with the Central Nervous System, Sports Massage, Motion, Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), Trigger Point Release and generally figuring out the puzzles of human pain and dysfunctional movement.

Today, much of his passion is derived from inspiring excellence in his team at Psoas. As the Clinical Director at Psoas, it is his job to help therapists exceed their goals as bodyworkers and reach the enormous capacity of their potential.