Available Appointments

Open 7 days a week!
Monday – Friday: 7:30am – 8:30pm

Saturday + Sunday: 9:30am – 6:30pm

Bodywork + Nutrition – 10% off two sessions

Schedule a nutritional consultation for Wednesday, 1/17 — and a bodywork session for any day. You’ll get 10% off both appointments! Not familiar with how our nutritional consultations go way beyond food, and are designed to support your bodywork? Learn more about how our new approach can support your self-care goals here. (Offer good when you schedule before 1/17)


This week’s Quick Tip: Want some new tools for the new year?



Available Appointments:

-Remember, listed session times go quickly.
-Appointments are updated on Thursday and Sunday each week.
-Additional times may also be available, so please call for most up-to-date openings.

1/15 – Monday
Luke Karamol — 1:00pm, 2:45pm
Beth Getz — 3:30pm, 6:15pm
Carol Ratto — 2:15pm, 6:45pm (90 min)
1/16 – Tuesday
William Stevensen — 7:30am, 8:45am (90 min)
Ginger Williamson — 2:00pm, 4:45pm
Luke Karamol — 6:00pm, 7:15pm
Carol Ratto — 3:15pm, 4:30pm
Chris Ludwig — 2:15pm, 3:30pm
Daniel Alexanyan — 5:00pm, 7:30pm
1/17 – Wednesday
William Stevensen — 11:45am, 1:00pm
K.C. Wassner — 12:15pm (75 Min)
Karyn Forsyth Duggan — 10:45am, 11:45am – Nutritional Sessions!
Beth Getz-— 3:45pm (90 min), 7:15pm
Sarah Day— 7:00pm (90 min)
Matan Hoffman— 3:30pm (30 min), 7:30pm
Chris Ludwig— 2:!5pm (90 min), 7:30pm
1/18 – Thursday
Michael Talbot — 10:00am
Sarah Day— 2:00pm, 3:15pm-
Beth Getz — 4:00pm (90 min), 8:00pm (30 min)
Matan Hoffman — 4:45pm, 6:15pm
1/19 – Fridayy
Michael Talbot — 12:45pm
Leigh Erickson — 2:45pm
Ginger Williamson — 2:00pm, 4:30pm
Chris Ludwig — 6:00pm, 7:15pm
Matan Hoffman — 4:00pm (90 min), 7:30pm
Daniel Alexanyan — 5:00pm, 6:15pm
1/20 – Saturday
Carol Ratto— 1:00pm, 2:30pm
Daniel Alexanyan — 1:15pm, 2:30pm
Sarah Day — 11:45am
Matan Hoffman — 1:30pm, 4:15pm (30 min)
1/21 – Sunday
Beth Getz — 10:00am, 12:30pm
Chris Ludwig— 1:30pm, 3:00pm
Carol Ratto — 3:15pm, 4:30pm
Ginger Williamson — 2:00pm (30min)
Leigh Erickson — 2:45pm



Three ways to save at Psoas:

  • 20% off for sessions for referring friends, family, and co-workers
  • 10% discount on packages of 5 or 10 sessions
  • Use your FSA/HSA accounts to get partially reimbursed