Quick Tip: Are you a soon-to-be mother?

Posted by on May 8, 2017 in Bodywork Techniques, Gifts, Health and Wellness

We're taking a break from bike month festivities to celebrate all the mothers in our lives. Here at Psoas, we want to appreciate all our prenatal massage clients and the therapists who do such important work with these mothers-to-be. Check out some thoughts from two Psoas prenatal clients below — Natalia (who has since delivered her baby) and Jordan, who's still expecting. As always, if you're looking for prenatal work, just let us know what is going on in your body and what kind of massage you are looking for. We will help match you up with one of our skilled specialists!

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Thoughts on Prenatal Massage with Natalia and Jordan

Natalia Bushyager

"I loved getting prenatal massages! I must have gotten about one a month, six just from Psoas. What's cool about the Psoas massages is that they have a few different people trained in prenatal, who each focus on different things. So it's nice to be able to pick based on what you need. The therapists I used had a good sense of pressure, since you really need to be confident in how deep you can go. Prenatal massage really helped to ease the pains of gaining weight and having a new body. It kept everything circulating, and helped ease the aches and pains — especially in the hips and pelvis. With all the changes and shifting going on down there, it allowed my body to adjust more quickly.

I think bodywork is important for general preventative body maintenance. A regular massage for me is like getting a tuneup on your car before things start going wrong. Getting bodywork while pregnant is just as important as when you're working out… because pregnancy pretty much is a workout! I'm sure I'll be back a few times soon after little Hendrix is born, too, just to get things re-aligned and back in order as quickly as possible."

Jordan Brown

"My experience with prenatal massage at Psoas has been overall very relaxing. This being my first pregnancy, I’ve been a bit anxious about most everything. It has been nice to feel some relief from the stress of it all, feel pampered,  and take away some of the new aches and pains I’ve encountered. 

Towards the beginning of my pregnancy I was experiencing more upper back, neck, and shoulder pain — probably from some of the anxiety I was feeling as well as the morning sickness. Now that I’m nearing the end of pregnancy I tend to like to focus on my lower back and hips. As my pregnancy has progressed, I’ve noticed more back pain, but coming in for a regular massage has helped to relieve that. I have had a very healthy pregnancy so far and I believe massage has played a role.

It has been a bit overwhelming as honestly, pregnancy isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, as I’m sure most mothers can back me up on. General touch in itself plays a major role in stress relief, for me at least, whether it be a hug or a massage. Having the time to focus on calming my mind and getting pain relief is bliss."