Quick Tip: Are your feet bothering you?

Posted by on Jul 15, 2015 in Bodywork Techniques, Exercises, Health and Wellness

Just this weekend, a good friend asked us what to do for Plantar Fascitis, generally defined as pain and tightness on the bottom of the feet. It reminded us that the following videos are two of our most viewed because so many of you deal with foot cramps, foot tightness, bunions, Plantar Fascitis, neuromas, etc. To start healing your feet, make sure you have a good pair of shoes that both offer support and allow you to spread your toes out. Don’t forget to replace them before they wear thin! Then start stretching and strengthening your toes with some of the ideas below. We use the golf ball as a tool in the first video, but we also have a great foot roller in the studio, and you can find other tools out there that work just as well.