Quick Tip: Do you know the athletes of Psoas?

Posted by on Mar 22, 2017 in Bodywork Techniques, Health and Wellness

This week we're featuring two of our amazing Psoas clients. The first is "Irish" Greg McQuaid, who's running a full marathon every week this year! The pop-up music producer and former KFOG radio host is taking on this crazy feat to raise money and awareness for Breathe California, an organization that fights lung disease and protects lung health. When Psoas co-owner Jenny Lightstone met Greg, his legs were hurting and he'd NEVER had a massage before! Since she whole-heartedIy believes in the power of sports massage (especially what we offer at our clinic), she reached out to see if Psoas could help. 

Now, Greg's coming in for bodywork twice a month, and he's a changed man (or runner, at least)! Before Greg's session last week, he and Jenny chatted about running marathons, quitting smoking, and the magic of bodywork. Check out the interview below! We're so happy to support Greg's cause and if you'd like to as well, go ahead and visit 52marathons52weeks.org

We're also so proud of long-time Psoas client Rachna Nivas, a professional kathak dancer (classical Indian dance). Her art form uses powerful percussive footwork (wearing ankle bells that weigh 3-4 pounds on each foot), lightning speed pirouettes, storytelling, and improvisational rhythmic interplay with musicians.  

This weekend, Rachna's dance collective will be featured just down the street from Psoas at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. The dynamic production SPEAK brings together kathak and tap dance, bridging Indian and Black American/African art and culture.  Check out tickets here and the amazing trailer below. 

Big love to all the Psoas clients doing such cool things!