Quick Tip: Explaining Upper Crossed Syndrome

Posted by on Feb 3, 2015 in Bodywork Techniques, Health and Wellness

You’re reading this blog post while either sitting at a desk or looking down at your phone, right? How many hours a day do you find yourself sitting in this position — whether at work, or just dealing with personal stuff? If you’re spending lots of hours this way, you might notice your tendency to curl your shoulders in and lean forward. You might notice neck and back pain, or even headaches. If so, you might be a victim of Upper Crossed Syndrome. Don’t worry, though. February is Upper Crossed month and we’re going to dedicate the next several blog posts to offering you resources to work on alleviating those symptoms.

In this first video, Scott explains exactly what Upper Crossed Syndrome is, why it happens, and what strategies we use to fight it. We tried to keep it short so you wouldn’t have to sit at your desk too long while you’re watching!