Quick Tip: Have you experienced the benefits of post-race massage?

Posted by on Mar 14, 2017 in Bodywork Techniques, Health and Wellness

It's marathon season! Some of you are getting ready to head off to the Boston Marathon; others are looking forward to the San Francisco Rock 'N' Roll Half Marathon, or the Sasquatch Scramble in April. We're stoked for marathon season at Psoas, too, and we've got sports massage on the mind. 

Check out Will, Scott + crew at last year's RnR near City Hall.

When it's done right, sports massage increases flexibility, helps prevent injury, and can even improve your race time!

For the most benefit, we recommend getting a session 7-10 days before your race, and 1-4 days after. To help out with that, Psoas therapists will be offering massage as part of the Rock 'N' Roll VIP experience on March 26! Our clients tell us that post-race bodywork makes "their heavy legs feel so much lighter," and that they feel "a HUGE difference in their recovery."

Whether you need bodywork to support you in your upcoming race, dance performance, or to hit the slopes harder, we love helping you reach your physical goals. You know where to find us! To set up an appointment with one of our specialists call 415.227.0331.