Quick Tip: Want to release your SCM?

Posted by on Jul 6, 2018 in Bodywork Techniques, Health and Wellness

Did you catch our last anatomy lesson on the sternocleidomastoid — or SCM? This muscle in the neck can carry a lot of tension — especially for desk workers, people with headaches or jaw tension, and anyone who’s sustained a neck injury or whiplash. For many of us, loosening the SCM can create more openness and length in the neck. So in our most recent Quick Tip, Jenny demonstrates a technique for finding the SCM on yourself and encouraging its release!

This self-massage technique involves using the pressure of your hand to squeeze the SCM while rotating the head to help facilitate length. It can feel pretty strange at first, so work gently and stop if you notice any pain. And, of course, tension in the neck is often much more complex than just the SCM. So if you’re noticing a recurring issue, reach out to one of our intake specialists to schedule an appointment. But in the meantime, try out some SCM self-work and let us know what you notice!