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Brenden’s passion for bodywork is inspired by his own unique experiences healing from ulcerative colitis and physical injuries.


As a lifelong athlete, and waterman Brenden has seen and experienced many different types of chronic tension and pain. His ability to systematically identify root causes and formulate solutions just brush the surface of what Brenden offers to clients.  He works well with athletes and clients experiencing chronic pain who are looking for deep relaxation, increased flexibility, pain reduction, and targeted exercises and tips for further maintenance and support of wellness goals.


It is rare for clients to leave a session with Brenden without learning some sort of practical tool to increase overall well-being. His calm demeanor and understanding of health and wellness is deeply rooted in personal experience and comprehensive care so that no detail no matter how small is deemed insignificant. Whether it is nutrition, targeted stretches for stability and pain relief, meditation, or stress, his passion for bodywork and continuous learning is obvious in his ability to inspire and facilitate change in clients. 


Brenden graduated from the National Holistic Institute in 2019 and has continued working and developing his unique approach to bodywork ever since. He enjoys working with people of all ages but especially connects with athletes like himself.  He is a surfer, CrossFit athlete, soccer player and meditator that nerds out on anything related to health and wellness.  Brenden loves to read, play music, write poetry, and finds balance in quiet, nature, and simple things like cooking for loved ones and volunteering at a nearby meditation center.


  • 60 Minutes: $150

  • 90 Minutes: $220

  • Deep Tissue/Swedish

  • Thai/Shiatsu

  • Sports Massage

  • Passive Stretching/PNF

  • Targeted Pain Relief

  • Individualized Stretch Programming

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