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Since reopening post-pandemic, we’ve been on a mission to make Psoas a more approachable, positive, and caring place to be for our entire community. That’s why in 2023, we're updating our 24 hour policy to include a one time exception and tiered fee structure for new and returning clients. While some clients have never had a problem canceling appointments on time for the past 19 years, the policy can take some newer clients by surprise; so our goal in this email is to educate you, the client, on why we have the policy and to announce that it's changing, for the better.

Please read on to learn how this change effects you, even if you cancel on time, every time:

While we’re excited to change up the policy to be more client friendly, we cannot stress how important it is to communicate with our team if you even think you might not be able to make it in for your session. That way we can have a conversation and come up with creative solutions to fill the appointment together. We know it sounds a little silly but here’s why:

Psoas’ business model revolves around maintaining appointments and delivering a high-quality massage + bodywork product for our clientele. When a client forgets or is late to communicate about needing to change an appointment the impact is felt on every level of our small business. Here are a few examples of how late cancelations are a net loss for the Psoas community:

  • 100+ people on our waitlist try to desperately rearrange their schedules at the last minute or are disappointed with the lack of notice and cannot come in for necessary care

  • Significant interruption in daily work flow for Front Desk staff, adding hours of additional administrative work per late cancelation

  • Therapists lose income when appointments go unfilled, Psoas' resources are reduced

Of course, we encourage you to make choices that are best for you AND we ask that you consider the effect you have on others when making last minute cancelations.

  • Starting January 1, 2023, our 24 hour policy for changes and cancelations will be as follows:

  • 1st cancelation: no fee. This is a one time exception

  • 2nd cancelation: 50% of your session fee

  • 3rd cancelation: 75% of your session fee

Cancelations beyond this will be charged the full session fee. Please note that no-shows will still be charged in full, subject to emergency one time exceptions, at the discretion of Psoas. 

We continue to maintain a Health + Safety Policy that requires all people in the clinic to wear a mask. You are responsible for canceling ahead of the 24 hour window, even when feeling unwell. Clients who come into the clinic visibly ill or communicate that they are not feeling well within the 24 hour window will not be able to receive care until symptoms have resolved and may be subject to paying the full price of the session. 

So when in doubt, give us a call and we'll talk things over. We’re here to listen and help you feel better. So please understand that the 24 hour policy isn't personal, it's for the good of our entire community, which includes you! We hope the update to this policy will be helpful for you and a demonstration of our value and care for our clients. 

We look forward to seeing you soon and feel free to respond here if you'd like to continue the conversation.

Image by Eric Rothermel



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