Pin and Stretch Release for the Biceps

Posted by on Apr 7, 2021 in Exercises, Health and Wellness, Muscle Release

It’s happening! San Francisco has moved into the Orange Tier and we get to see more of our city come back to life. From increased capacity in non-essential offices, movie theaters, and museums, to the reopening of recreational activities like bowling alleys, swimming pools, and indoor gyms, we at Psoas are so happy to see more small businesses in SF open their doors.
With the weather getting warmer too, we’re all likely to see our bodies moving around more than they have been this past year. With more movement comes not only more vitality, but also soreness and the need for proper self-care between bodywork sessions. As we take our shoulders from the shortened laptop position in our home offices to all the freshly reopened activities available to us they will likely need some help releasing. In this week’s Quick Tip, Jason shows us how to use the pin and stretch technique on our biceps. Our biceps can contribute to pain in the shoulder and in the forearm, so it’s an important muscle to care for on a regular basis.

Even though more of us are getting vaccinated every day, we want to remind everyone that our Health and Safety Protocols will remain in effect to ensure the safety of everyone that comes through the clinic. We’re so excited to see you, but if you haven’t been to see us in a while be sure the check out those new measures before your first appointment back.