Quick Tip: Posterior Kinetic Chain Exercise

Posted by on Nov 6, 2013 in Exercises

At Psoas, we get a lot of cyclists, runners, lifters, and swimmers. But there’s another important kind of athlete that we get on a daily basis – the desk jockey. As a desk jockey, it’s just as important to take care of your body to fight the dysfunction and pain that can come with sitting at a desk all day. Shoulder pain, neck pain, headaches, etc., can be prevented with proper posture. But proper posture doesn’t happen overnight!

Take a look at this Posterior Kinetic Chain Exercise. Try to implement it into your schedule on a daily basis for a week to start. Let us know if you notice any changes after that week.

Who needs this exercise?

Most commonly, we see these forward reaching motions with those who work at a desk most of the day; but we also see these motions with musicians, restaurant workers, cyclists, electricians, pastry chefs and even parents of small children.

If you fit into any of these categories you will probably have a strong and tight chest and front of your neck. These exercises will help your upper back stay toned and ready to combat the ever-strengthening muscles in your chest and neck that are continuously pulling you forward.

For the best results:

  • With the Wall Angel (exercise 1) try to keep your entire body against the wall while doing the movement – butt, low back, shoulders, the entire arm and wrist.
  • The Wall Angel is way harder than it looks.
  • With each of the final 4 exercises hold the position for 30 seconds, breathe and try to relax your muscles.

Note: if you are experiencing severe pain or numbness and tingling in your arms and hands see a professional before attempting this or other stretches. If you feel excess pain during the stretch, discontinue until checking with a professional.