Quick Tip: An oldie but a goodie

Posted by on Feb 25, 2015 in Exercises, Health and Wellness

Hopefully you’ve been following along with this month’s Quick Tips designed to help you fight Upper Crossed Syndrome. It’s always good to try out stretches that are new to you, and by now maybe you’ve already fallen in love with the Bruegger’s stretches from last week. We don’t blame you! But don’t forget to mix up your exercise routine with a classic — the Posterior Kinetic Chain Exercise.

Though we’ve been focused on deskworkers this month, the Posterior Kinetic Chain exercise is also great for musicians, restaurant workers, cyclists, electricians, pastry chefs, rock climbers and parents of small children. It addresses a number of different muscle groups in the back, and transforms the way that they work together to combat your forward-leaning. Line yourself up against the wall and get ready for the five components in this set.

These exercises, along with the basic Bruegger’s stretch or one of the variations with resistance, will get your back muscles activated, but don’t forget to prioritize regular bodywork to loosen those overworked pec muscles, too! Add this exercise into your daily routine, and you should start seeing changes to your posture when you look in the mirror. Let us know how it goes!