Quick Tip: Do you need some Deskinetics for your posture?

Posted by on May 8, 2018 in Exercises, Psoas Deskinetics

Has working at a desk affected your posture? Even with the most ergonomic set-up at your computer, you may notice that lots of desk work has left your shoulders curling forward. This pattern often shows up when the muscles in the chest get short and strong, while the muscles of the upper back go underused. Over time, this can cause pain in the upper back, lower back, and repetitive strain down into the arms; it can even affect your skeletal structure!

So to work towards a more upright posture, it’s important to address both the front and back body. Massage can help loosen those short and tight muscles in the front pulling you forward. But it’s equally important to do some regular exercises to wake up the muscles of the back. Check out this week’s Deskinetics Quick Tip for a simple way to do just that. The Bruegger’s Stretch is a good exercise to do once a day at work when you’re taking a quick break from your desk. Try it out for a week, and see if you notice more alignment when you look in the mirror!