Quick Tip: Glute/Hamstring Engagement

Posted by on Apr 9, 2014 in Exercises

Do you want to avoid back, hip, and knee pain? Then be sure to balance your glutes and hamstrings! Practice with Psoas therapist, Kristen Greco, as she guides you through the proper way to do hip raises. Implementing this exercise into your routine can balance your strides, alleviate tension on the bike, and even increase comfort at the desk. We’d love to hear how it helps you.

Glute and Hamstring Engagement

This is the type of exercise that will be helpful for just about anyone. As we age and as we sit longer and longer, some of the muscles in and around our hips will get lazy. Try this exercise for a week and it will surely get your glutes and hamstrings firing and lengthening correctly.

Be careful to keep your hips square to the ground. If your raised leg starts dipping, you’re cheating. Please don’t cheat. And if there’s any sharp pain, please contact us.