Quick Tip: Loosening the Hamstrings with the Posture Ball

Posted by on Aug 6, 2014 in Exercises

Psoas therapists love to share their knowledge; whether it’s anatomy, techniques, or stretches, there is a constant flow of education in the studio.

hamstringThis week’s Quick Tip is a prime example of expertise shared between bodyworkers. Join co-owner, Jenny Lightstone, as she guides you through a stretch shared to her by Clinic Education Supervisor, Jason Garcia. This hamstring stretch is deliberate and beneficial for anyone experiencing tight hamstrings or wanting to prevent tight hamstrings… enjoy!

The posture ball is a great tool to use on the hamstrings, because it adds specificity to help you pinpoint the area you want to work on.  As you can see here, the hamstring is made up of 3 muscles, and it’s hard to get to the exact spot you want with the regular foam roller.

This exercise is good for everyone, but is especially great for runners, climbers, crossfitters or people looking to improve their flexibility.