What is the Best Exercise to Strengthen my Lower Abdominals?

Posted by on Mar 26, 2014 in Exercises

Are you doing your ab work correctly? I thought I was until I saw this video and realized that I’ve probably just found the culprit of my tight psoas. Body mechanics is everything! Make sure you’re getting your torso into shape the right way with Diakadi Personal Trainer and owner, Billy Polson. In this week’s Quick Tip video, Billy walks you through the proper and most effective way for strengthening your lower abdominals. Diakadi is a longtime colleague of Psoas and a great resource to compliment your bodywork treatment plan.

What is the Best Exercise to Strengthen my Lower Abdominals?

Many of us want to strengthen our lower abdominals and most of us NEED to strengthen our lower abdominals, but frequently gym goers are performing incorrect movements and exercises to remedy this situation.

In this segment of DIAKADI’s DIY Tips Series, Fitness Performance Coach Billy Polson explains the anatomy and structure of our abdominals and teaches the correct movements for strengthening these muscles while avoiding the error of building greater muscle imbalances in your body.

The DIAKADI DIY Tips Series: How to Correct Your Mistakes and Redesign Your Workouts, is a weekly blog series focused on helping clients recognize improper workout practices and consequently correct and improve their own workouts. Each episode will highlight advice from one of DIAKADI’s veteran trainers. Watch DB04 for weekly updates.