Quick Tip: Want to work on your hip stability?

Posted by on Feb 14, 2019 in Exercises, Health and Wellness

Many Psoas clients are looking for ways to both prevent injury and move with as much power as possible. If that sounds like you — whether you’re a runner, cyclist, or passionate walker — an equilibrium between hip stability and flexibility is crucial. An imbalance of these two factors can actually limit your movement capacity or sometimes even lead to misalignment and injury.

While it’s often easy to find stretches for the hips, it can be harder to find tips around stability. So today we’re sharing the first in a series of exercises designed to stabilize the pelvis — by targeting the deep core, glutes, and piriformis. If you’re not sure where you lie on the flexibility-stability spectrum, just let us know. We can touch base and set up a time for you to consult with a member of our clinical team. Either way, check-out this exercise and let us know what you notice.