Quick Tip: Working the Feet

Posted by on Jan 27, 2014 in Exercises

Your feet take a beating every day and literally bear the weight of your life. Too often we accept the aches and pains of our feet, as if there is no solution. In reality, there are steps we can take to ensure our feet are strong, flexible, and comfortable while on the move. So, stop tiptoeing around the value of your feet, and start giving them the attention they deserve and earn every single day!

Take a look at this video where Jenny shows us how to work our feet. This is part one of a two-part video series.

Who needs these foot workouts?

The person with cramping feet, if you wear heels, those dealing with bunions or the beginning stages of them, plantar fasciitis sufferers, runners, cyclists wearing hard clip-in shoes, dancers/former dancers, anyone who wears shoes all day.

The feet are filled with tons of muscles, as seen in the illustration below. Use these tips to keep them all healthy.

This Quick Tip has 3 sections:

  •     A stretch for the back of your feet
  •     A strengthening exercise to activate the many layers of muscles in your feet that normally don’t get used
  •     Using a golf ball to gently to work out the muscles in your feet

Use one of them or all 3 for a week and feel the difference! Your feet will surely thank you.