Releasing the Rhomboids

Posted by on Aug 6, 2020 in Exercises, Muscle Release

Feeling like a back massage? Us, too! We might not be able to work on you yet, but there’s still some great ways to ease your back pain from home. One frequent cause of back pain are the rhomboids, those pesky between-the-shoulders muscles that always seem to get sore on us.

We’re taking a look at ways to release them this week, with an exercise from Jenny that uses tennis balls and some gentle floor movements. Check out our Quick Tip Video to learn how to do it!

We’re hoping to reopen by at least mid-September, but if you’d like to work on yourself from home some more, give our intake specialists a call to learn how a remote session with Jason or Derek could help. You can learn more about our COVID services and our reopening plans on our site.