The Proper Way to Sit

Posted by on Feb 12, 2021 in Anatomy Lessons, Exercises, Health and Wellness

This past month we’ve welcomed new clients and new team members to the Psoas family and we want to take a moment to appreciate our new friends. Our team is connected by our love of bodywork and motivated on our path to helping you move and feel better. It means so much to see our community come together and grow as we weather this stage of the Pandemic storm as one. We’re excited to see San Francisco starting to rebuild and we’re grateful to all of you for continuing to put your trust in us.
We’re returning to our twice a month Psoas Quick Tip that delivers short, educational videos to help you on your wellness journey. These videos, which can be found on our Psoas YouTube Channel, are meant to help you gain the most value from your bodywork treatment. Our therapists will often recommend these tips to help you heal quicker, and stay pain free longer.
This week’s Quick Tip features KC, our Rolfer®, teaching us the proper way to sit down as many of us continue to finesse the ergonomics of our home offices.

If you’re a fan of KC’s work be sure to get in with him before he leaves on a 6-week sabbatical starting Tuesday 3/9. If you can’t make it in before then, the rest of the team is prepared to collaborate on your treatment, armed with the clinical notes of your previous sessions – that’s how we make sure you can have a fluid experience between therapists. Call or email today so we can get you on the schedule!