What is the Correct Form for the Romanian Deadlift?

Posted by on May 8, 2014 in Exercises

Check out this article from our friends over at Diakadi Body that shows correct form when doing a Romanian Deadlift!

DIAKADI DIY Tips Series: Episode 10

Authors: Tom Armenta and Billy Polson

Deadlifts are a ‘Must Have’ element in most training programs and proper form is the key for getting the most beneficial results from the exercise.  They are not just for athletes, but for everyday clients also.  Are you doing deadlifts?  Get the most out of your workouts and watch this video to perfect your RDL!

In this segment of DIAKADI’s DIY Tips Series, Fitness Performance Coach Billy Polson talks with Strength and Conditioning Specialist Tom Armenta about the proper set up, form, and focus when performing Romanian Deadlifts from the Rack.

The DIAKADI DIY Tips Series: How to Correct Your Mistakes and Redesign Your Workouts, is a weekly blog series focused on helping clients recognize improper workout practices and consequently correct and improve their own workouts. Each episode will highlight advice from one of DIAKADI’s veteran trainers. Watch DB04 for weekly updates.