Meet Your Therapist — Esther Bramlett

Posted by on Apr 29, 2015 in Health and Wellness

IMG_15662_EstherEsther has been passionate about bodywork ever since she received therapeutic massage for a torn hamstring injury at the age of fourteen. She has also engaged in athletic competition since childhood: first, as a track athlete, then as a professional equestrian, yoga instructor, personal trainer, and now as a professional modern dancer. Her athletic experiences and studies of Exercise and Sports Science all guide her work with Psoas clients. Fueled by her own desire to move with agility, efficiency and strength she began receiving bodywork at Psoas in 2010. She has been hooked on the Psoas way ever since, and loves sharing it with her clients.

Q. How long have you been a massage therapist?

A. I was certified in 2012, so about 3 years. Before that, I worked as a physical therapist aide and athletic trainer, so I have been doing bodywork for about 5 years.

Q. What do you love about massage therapy?

A. I love moving my body! I was a professional equestrian, ran track, and am a certified yoga instructor. I love rock climbing, and I also dance professionally. I love moving more than anything, and massage is a means to an end for me. The goal is to be able to move any way I want and massage is the vehicle that gets me there. Massage has made me a better athlete and I love helping others find freedom in their own bodies — whether they are pursuing an athletic goal or simply wishing to feel better in their daily lives.

Q. What techniques do you use and why?

A. I love using sports massage techniques on just about anybody because I believe those techniques work for multiple body types and lifestyles — both to prevent injury and accelerate healing. I also love using deep tissue techniques because they make lasting changes and feel so good! I love that I can bring my own physical experience to the session and use my yoga and dance training to enhance the treatment. Flexibility is usually a big issue for many people and I especially love when I can give help with that.

Q. What’s your goal with a client? What do you want to achieve?

A. Pain relief, first and foremost. But if a client is not in pain, my goal is to meet their needs with every session — whatever those may be. I also seek to educate and expand the potential for movement. I want every person who gets on my table to feel satisfied but also en route towards more mobility and activity in their lives.

Q. What is your favorite body part from a therapist’s viewpoint?

A. Glutes! I know it sounds strange right off the bat — I like butts! — but it’s true. Therapeutically, the glutes and the area around the sacroiliac joint are the arch stone to the body. They are an extension of both the back and legs, and are largely ignored even though they are so important for relieving low back pain and allowing more range of motion in the legs. As a dancer, I need glute work in order to move bigger, feel more grounded, and work smarter. The glute muscles just play such an important functional role in your body’s alignment. I have had great success in alleviating hamstring issues, back issues and hip issues through work in the glutes.

Q. Can you give an example of a great success you’ve had at treating a client?

A. I recently treated two people with strained adductors. They came in with lots of pain and limited range of motion and after a few sessions we were able to get them out of pain and increase their range of motion by 90%. I like working with people who are dealing with muscle strains since that was the issue that got me into massage in the first place.

Q. What is different about working at Psoas vs. other massage studios where you’ve worked?

A. What makes Psoas different is the people — not only the therapists but the management and receptionists as well. Everyone is committed to the service of the clients. Everyone is knowledgeable about how the body functions. Everybody listens and wants to make a serious difference in the physical life of the client.

Q. What are you reading?

A. I read a LOT! I am reading Jobs Body, which is a great book about bodywork; I just finished Down To a Soundless Sea by Thomas Steinbeck (John Steinbeck’s son); and before that I totally engulfed a great western called The Sister Brothers by Patrick deWitt, which was darkly funny.

Q. What’s one piece of advice you would give people to stay loose, limber, and healthy?

A. Just move — take walks, swing your arms, look around, go dancing, be barefoot!