Meet Your Therapist: Geoff Ward

Posted by on Jan 15, 2014 in Health and Wellness

We would like to introduce you to one of our newer therapists! In addition to having spent five years doing massage, Geoff has spent the last seven months doing great work at Psoas with his intuitive approach to bodywork and we’re thrilled to have him as a part of our team.

Geoff WardGeoff started his path to massage therapy in his teens, and loves to investigate and find peoples “spots.” He has a genuine desire to help people feel better, and he’s great at it!

Q. What got you into doing massage, and what do you love about it?

A. I first started massaging in High School. I had started fencing and my coach said to my class that neck massages make for strong hands and happy teammates. So to build my forearm strength, I started giving all of my friends massages and discovered that I had a knack for it. Through the years, I kept massaging friends and coworkers until I finally decided to make a career out of it. It was the best decision I made. I love being a massage therapist because it gives me the opportunity to help people for a living, whether it’s getting rid of pain or helping people perform better. I enjoy the mysteries of the body and the intricacies of its workings.

Q. What technique(s) do you use and why?

A. My typical style is Deep Tissue and Myofascial based. The most common feedback I receive is that I can “find those spots.” Over the years I have developed a sense of touch that is very sensitive to a person’s tension, allowing me to hone in on trouble spots fairly quickly. I also focus on Sports Massage, which incorporates different types of stretches into the sessions.

Q. What is different about working at Psoas, vs. massage places you’ve worked before?

A. Of all the places in which I’ve worked, including Chiropractic offices, Psoas has the most clinical approach to massage that I’ve experienced. The medicinal aspects of massage are the forefront of Psoas’ function, and I feel fortunate to have been given the opportunity to be exposed to a whole new world of modalities and treatments. Psoas is in a whole other league when compared to other massage establishments.

Q. Are there any skills you’ve used here that you haven’t been able to use elsewhere? Is there anything really cool you’ve learned?

A. I have had the opportunity to really spread my wings and incorporate all of my different types of Deep Tissue and Sports Massage training on a more regular basis and in a way that previous jobs, such as spas, did not provide. At Psoas, I have been introduced to techniques such as Active Isolated Stretching, Neurokinetic Therapy, Active Release Technique, and much more. There’s so much more to learn and I am excited by that.

Q. Can you give an example of a great success you’ve had in treating a client?

A. A client came in with pain in the lower back that had been plaguing him for several years. The pain had gotten so bad that it was affecting his ability to run and cycle, which were his main means of exercise. After assessing his tension patterns and establishing their connection to his movement patterns, I was able to find the muscle which was causing the tension pattern and pain. After just a few sessions, his pain was hardly there and he was able to start exercising again.

Q. What’s one type of client that you can, without a doubt, successfully treat?

A. The type of client that I most often see and with whom I have the most success are people with acute, or recent, onsets of pain due to repetitive motion injuries or people dealing with chronic, or long term, pain from a previous condition or accident.

Q. What’s one piece of advice you would give people to stay loose, limber, and healthier?

A. I call stretching the triple “M’s”: Magical Muscle Medicine.

Q. Where are you from? How long have you been in San Francisco?

A. I grew up in San Francisco. I spent about six years living in Los Angeles, where I was trained in massage, but am back home now.

Q. What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not relieving tight muscles and getting people out of pain?

A. I enjoy reading and writing short stories. I take part in fencing, archery, indoor rock climbing, hiking, and enjoying the vast array of food and culture that San Francisco has to offer.