My homage to the Psoas Therapist Team

Posted by on Jul 29, 2014 in Health and Wellness

My homage to the Psoas Therapist Team. Or who I just call Team Psoas.

When I think about our team of therapists, I literally swell with pride when considering the combined range of skills, knowledge, and uniqueness.

To help you understand just how proud I’m talking, let’s examine a day in the life of an athlete working with Team Psoas. An athlete that was training for the Double Dipsea in Marin. An athlete who, well, just happens to be me. 10505011_10152485716059693_1463628795380602568_o

I know, we’ve all seen those ads where the President of some company says “I’m not only the president, I’m a client.” Well, before you flip the channel, give me a second to explain why I love being both of these here at Psoas.

It was Team Psoas’s combination of skills that made my recent training program for the Double Dipsea possible, not only keeping me healthy but helping me to have a fun race without injury.

I’ve always had my eye on the Dipsea run, and decided to make it a reality this year when my friend told me he signed up.  I’d never done a trail race before and certainly not a race with 4500 feet of elevation gain.  I had 3 months to train, and I was determined to train right and take care of my body while doing it.

As an owner of Psoas, I realize that I have easier access to massage than many of you, but life gets busy, and you would be surprised how often I don’t use the team the way I could and should.  This time, I committed to using Team Psoas to help me through the training.  The result was amazing!  I felt so strong and pain-free during my run.  I had energy; I enjoyed every second of it even on the steepest hills; and my soreness after was a normal minimal soreness that worked its way out in a few days.

My account below is how each therapist helped in my training program and a special thank you to the role each of them played.

Often times, our clients don’t know how/when/with whom to schedule their massages during their training.  For more information about how to use sports massage at Psoas, click here to read a Sports Massage article on our blog.

For my specific situation, I had 3 months to train for a 13.7 mile trail run with 4500 feet of Elevation gain total.  Below is an account of the sessions that I received during my training.  I won’t go deep into my training here, but basically I ran 3 times a week, cross-trained the other 3, and enjoyed one rest day which usually included some active rest with stretching, etc.  I chose my massage day to either be on my rest day or later in the day after one of my workouts.

Bodywork at Psoas:

Michael Talbot3/8 + 3/12 – Michael Talbot.  Prior to training, I began working with Michael for Neuro-Kinetic Therapy (NKT).  My rib had been causing me grief, and I wanted to use my upper body more efficiently while breathing, walking, and running.  NKT is extremely useful for chronic issues that often resurface or are difficult to eliminate, as it addresses the way the brain is firing your muscles.  NKT is very effective between training events because taking a break from repetitive activities or movements allows new patterns to settle.  Michael is a true pro; precise, scientific, and dedicated to getting his clients better.

Ryan Saldivar3/24 + 4/8/14 – Ryan Saldivar.  At the onset of my training program, I went to Ryan, for 2 sessions that were 30 minutes of hands on work and 30 minutes of Yoga.  Ryan recognized that I was breathing shallowly. He gave me exercises to both increase my diaphragm’s capacity to inhale while also stretching my intercostal muscles around my ribs.  We implemented a 5 minute breathing routine, 4 days per week.  In combination, this resulted in greater ease of breathing while running and increased energy.  Ryan’s experience with athletes, a mix of eastern/western techniques, and yoga is a truly informative and unique session.

Alex Brown4/18 – Alexandrea “Alex” Brown.  I went to Alex for some sports massage focusing on my legs, right hip, and feet. Alex loves working the feet and ankle, and has a lot of experience with these areas.  She also offered me Pilates (she is Stott certified) based, heavy resistance band work for my right hip capsule, resulting in a major decrease in hip pain during training.

Jason Garcia5/6 – Jason Garcia. At this point in the game, I had been increasing my running, and an old Pain in the right hip/upper hamstring had resurfaced.  This session was a 1 hour focused lower body sports massage.  He did focused work through my quads, hams, calves, ITB, gluteals, including getting nice and deep on my right hip.  I ran the next day with no pain in the hip and felt like I was flying.  These are the times that I love the concept of sports massage and its integral role in the training process.

David Bacome5/16/14 – David Bacome. I had kept my legs and hip in great shape with my stretching and foam rolling program, but my upper back was super tight.  A slow, deep 30 minute session with David Bacome was very effective for my upper back, chest and neck.  David’s love for massage and the human body is evident in every interaction with clients.

Scott5/27 – Scott Schwartz.  I have deep respect for my business partner.  He LOVES bodywork and is so knowledgeable about sports massage.  A 15 minute A.R.T. (active release technique) session loosened up my Right hip and Upper Hamstring.  He also implemented some AIS (active isolated stretching) on my hams and quads which I began implementing into my program.

Zachary Fleming6/8 – Zachary Fleming.  It was time to revisit some of the breathing and diaphragm work.  Zachary is a rolfer and melds manual osteopathy with visceral manipulation (work around your organs).  I was feeling stuck again in my upper body, and I had a great session with Zachary.  He brings a high level understanding of the body that is different than any other therapist at Psoas.  I plan on visiting him a couple more times about this issue to follow through with his suggested 3 session treatment to start.

Xiley Roscher6/14 – Xiley Roscher.  Xiley ‘s 90 minute sports massage focused on my upper back and legs utilizing her delicious, powerful deep tissue and trigger point work.  She also got into my right hip as that hip is fighting my increased mileage.  I love Xiley’s massage – she asks me what I want and delivers just that; and her deep calf work is killer in the best way possible.  (Remember, some of us like it deep, but it shouldn’t be painful.  Don’t ever worry about asking your therapist to go lighter or deeper – that’s how we give you your favorite massage!)

6/20 – Jason Garcia.  Because I have been receiving regular work, my body is accustomed to getting a massage with training.  Jason gave me a 30 minute, pre-race deep sports massage on my hips and legs.  If your body wasn’t as accustomed to receiving regular massage, you can still do the day before race day, but it will be more gentle and involve more compression and stretching techniques.

6/21 – Race Day – Prepared, Kicked Ass, High Adrenalin, Most Beautiful Run Ever!
    Final time: 3:21:11 and 17th out of 47 Women in the 35-39 age group.  
6/23 – Ryan Saldivar.  Post-Race Sports Massage. This is soooo key. I usually like to receive this the day of or day after the event before the soreness sets in, however this timing is what worked.  The session involved acupressure, Thai stretching, and a deep flush of the tissue. It was so pleasantly tender and a nice congratulation/thank you to my body for letting me to this level.

I trust every Psoas therapist to be a part of any client’s training process. I chose the therapists above, out of our amazing team because our schedules worked out, and then they each helped to refer me to the next treatment. They all kept great notes on my progress so each therapist was up to speed on my program at the beginning of our session.  The handful of people I left out are, Lauren, Lisa, Geoff, and Michael Ward, who all play an important part of my regular maintenance/preventative program at Psoas.

I thank you, my amazing Team Psoas, for being so committed to the profession and committed to helping me reach my individual goals. Our goal as a clinic is to provide personalized treatment plans and partnership with every one of our clients.  We recognize that you each have unique goals and needs.  Please use this guide to get further insight into how to use our clinic through your training process. Implementing bodywork will help alleviate your pains and help you reach your optimal performance and training goals.  I consider myself a Psoas therapist advocate, and I am happy to help refer you to the right therapist to begin your training on the right foot.

Call the Psoas clinic to schedule a session or for a phone consultation anytime. 415.227.0331