Quick Tip: A to B Calm

Posted by on Dec 27, 2013 in Health and Wellness

This week we want to tell you about one of our favorite products in our studio, A to B Calm. It has many different uses, and is safe and natural. This stuff is perfect to use after your winter snow sport trips, or even if you need to just chill out after the holidays. Check out Michael Talbot and myself talk about why we love Calm!

A to B Calm is the original and only freeze dried instant calcium magnesium drink. Try it with tea or juice or by itself.

Calcium and magnesium have been used for years as a natural remedy for pain, tension, stress and strain. However, conventional cal-mag supplements are sometimes difficult to assimilate. Calm’s freeze dried formula makes the calcium and magnesium into a tasteless drink that is easily and rapidly assimilated.

Used for:

  •  Muscle cramps
  •  Help to relax and sleep
  •  To relieve soreness after sports activities

Try it out, we think you’ll like it!

A to B Calm