Quick Tip: Are you going to be flexible and pain free in 2017?

Posted by on Dec 23, 2016 in Health and Wellness

You inspire us every day:

Your commitment to your health, your patient struggle through your pain and focus on your recovery, your motivation to take on the next challenge whether it be an Ultramarathon or moving with more ease to enjoy a nice walk. You are the reason we do this and we love supporting you in your life endeavors. We hope that every day we are able to help one of you feel better and move better, that you spread this love in your community and we all are helping better this world.

And as always our goal is to help you get through the pain so we can focus even more on maintaining symptom free lifestyle and prevent other injuries from happening.  That’s our sweet spot… our happy place. Although we love the challenge of a tough problem, when you come in saying, “I’m not hurting today,” we are stoked. Because that means we can help you get to the next level and uncover layers that don’t usually get to be treated. When we stay in front of it, we win.

Our Psoas team has a combined 150 years of education behind us practicing massage and bodywork. We are a team of professional clinical massage therapists with diverse experience and technique who take your trust in us very seriously and strive every day to treat you as an individual, understand your goals, and create the perfect session and most appropriate treatment plan to get you there. Thank you for challenging us to be our best. We look forward to partnering with you in 2017 to reach your goals. Talk to us, we are here to listen and help.


Inspiring Partnerships:

Check out some of our inspirational clients to see what they have to say about their Psoas experience and how our therapists have helped them reach some amazing goals!


Michael Brody –Psoas client since 2007– “When I was training to climb Temple Crag this last summer, I was doing nine work-outs a week and getting bodywork at Psoas twice a month.  During that time, David and Michael helped me to manage some issues in my left foot and to stay pain free.  This photo, from our 12 hour tent-to-tent summit day, is for them!”


Janin Kompor –Psoas client since 2007 too!– Although Janin has worked with us through many phases of her life, here is her recent victory. “Since going to Psoas, I can now do a side plank using my right injured shoulder – anytime, anywhere…even in my kitchen!”


Ruth Bender –Psoas client since 2008– “I decided that the best way to celebrate turning 50 would be to run a marathon.  And the New York Marathon at that.  So NYC, here I come!  Not only did I manage to finish the marathon, but I felt great.  In the months leading up to the marathon, I spent many hours on the table at Psoas, ensuring that all of my body aches and pains, which come both with age and the miles I was putting in, were not going to keep me from finishing this race.  And it worked.  Psoas kept me healthy.  Psoas kept me running.  Psoas kept me on track to complete my goal!”


Natalia Bushyager (owner Picnic on Third) –Psoas client since 2015–  “Me & my restaurant staff love Psoas! In the food world, you're constantly on your feet, and they do an incredible job of keeping our team in top shape with the regular massages we cover for them. Having myself used them for various injuries (rotator cuff, back strains), I can attest to their responsiveness and sensitivity to the healing process. Psoas has been instrumental to my recovery. Now that I'm six months pregnant, I wouldn't trust anyone but them for prenatal massages. The variety & skill level of the bodywork specialists at Psoas is exceptional! Thanks Psoas!”


Thank you to these 4 for their kind words and cheers to all of you amazing clients. Runners, servers, mountain climbers, chefs, cyclists, dancers, yogis, techies, attorneys, cpa’s, crossfitters – may we have a 2017 filled with fluid movement, smooth joints, soft and pliable muscle tissue, all the while challenging our bodies to reach new heights.


All the best,

The Psoas Team.