Quick Tip: Have you heard about Jason’s kidney?

Posted by on Sep 6, 2017 in Health and Wellness, Meet Your Therapist

Support Jason & Niem

Jason has dedicated the last 20 years of his life to helping others with his incredible bodywork, and he's been a member of the Psoas team for 11 years now. So, we weren't surprised when he told us he'd be donating a kidney to save his friend Niem's life. 

Jason's known Niem for 25 years. He watched his friend go through all the stages: diagnosis of his chronic kidney disease, following the doctor's recommendations to minimize damage, and finally dialysis and getting on the long waiting list for a kidney transplant.

After a long series of tests, Jason learned that he was a compatible donor and is now preparing to donate his kidney on December 20th! We know many of you rely on Jason's work, so just a heads up that Jason will be away from Psoas as he recovers: from December 19th through February 10th.

And finally, as the sole income earner in his family, Jason will need support for his wife Melanie and his three awesome daughters during the time he's away. So if you feel moved, please donate here to support Jason "massage guru" Garcia.