Quick Tip: Want to ask a nutritionist all your questions?

Posted by on Feb 15, 2018 in Community Workshop, Health and Wellness

When we take our important questions about nutrition to the internet, we often come back discouraged or armed with information that doesn’t account for our particular needs, characteristics, and goals. That’s why we’re inviting you to a free community workshop with the newest member of our clinical team: Certified Nutritionist and Natural Chef, Karyn Forsyth Duggan.

On Wednesday, 2/28, Karyn will hold an open forum for all your burning nutritional questions – right here at Psoas. Using her Functional Medicine lens, she’ll focus on the relation between nutrition and bodywork, and help determine the tactics best suited for all your varied roles in the world. Check out more information below, or go ahead and sign-up here.

And don’t worry if talking about food usually makes you hungry. We’ll have catered salads available from Beautifull!

Everything You Always Wanted to Ask a Nutritionist
Wednesday 2/28 @ 5:30pm

Have you ever wanted to sit a nutritionist down and ask her all your questions? Now’s your chance! Join us on Wednesday, 2/28 from 5:30-6:30pm for a free Q & A with Karyn Forsyth Duggan — a top nutritionist in her field. A Certified Nutrition Consultant and Natural Chef, Karyn worked in private practice for two years, and in partnership with One Medical in San Francisco from ’08 through ’17. She’s now partnering with Psoas Massage + Bodywork – offering consultations to clients to help them optimize the benefits of therapeutic massage, expedite recovery, and enhance athletic stamina.

Learn more about Karyn here, and sign-up for her free community workshop here.