Quick Tip: Will you tell your Psoas story?

Posted by on Jan 25, 2017 in Careers, Health and Wellness

We always want to hear and tell stories that lead people onto healthier paths. While our top focus will always be on our bodywork, now we're learning to use instagram to share tips on healthier movement strategies, shine a light on ways bodywork can help us, and celebrate the incredible people that walk through the doors of our clinic every day. 

This next week we're holding a contest on instagram to invite you into this conversation, and inspire you to help the ones you love take better care of their bodies. 

If you participate, you'll get $10 off your next session, as well as the chance to win A FREE MASSAGE + cool therapeutic swag! To play, all you have to do between today and January 31st is this:

  • Share a photo of yourself on instagram performing an activity that bodywork at Psoas helped you achieve. Or just post a sweet selfie of your smiling face if we helped enhance your daily functioning in the world. 
  • Include a caption and tag us @psoasbodywork and with the hashtag #psoasbodywork. (We also like #sfmassageclinic and #sflife.)
  • Finally, if you participate, keep an eye out to see if you win our raffle! We'll be giving away one free massage, a Psoas hoodie, Psoas tees, and therapeutic products like China-gel, T-Relief, and a foot wheel.

Every day during the contest we'll post a picture of a Psoas client or staffer doing something bodywork helped make possible. For a sneak peak, check out Psoas client Tina Kibler's photo and story below!



Tina Kibler photo with border

Tina Kibler — Psoas client since 2015 — "Sarah has really helped me.  I injured my hip at Christmas three years ago when I was ballroom dancing.  It got better but it wasn't until I saw Sarah that it really healed.  The same thing with my foot – I wrenched it escaping a rabid raccoon that came after me in a hot tub two months later (my dance partner/teacher just couldn't believe this…).  Sarah was like, "oh it's your ankle, not your foot," and I stopped limping around for the first time in years.  I could go on.  My dancing has really improved because I trust my body now.  PSOAS has given me the freedom to tell my stories through dance and delight in telling them."