Quick Tip: Supporting Your Kidneys this Winter

Posted by on Dec 20, 2013 in Health and Wellness

With temperatures getting down into the 30s, it’s safe to say that Winter is coming! This week we’ll be bringing you some tips to keep your Kidneys running smoothly this winter with an article by our friend Lis Goldschmidt, Licensed Acupuncturist.

Supporting Your Kidneys This Winter
by Lis Goldschmidt, MS, LAc

Lis GoldschmidtHello! I hope this finds you in good health.

Here we are, entering Winter. In Chinese Medicine we believe that each season has a corresponding organ, and the organs related to the Winter are the Kidneys.

The Kidneys are super important- they are the foundation of primary Yin and Yang. That sounds important, right? This means that they are in charge of our immune systems and libido/fertility. The Kidneys also support our healthy bones and teeth.

So how do we help out these important organs? One way is to rest a bit more. This is the time of year to sleep more and do less rigorous exercise. Perhaps try Qi Gong or Tai Chi in place of more intense workouts.

As we move toward the solstice, we see that our days have gotten shorter.  In this darker time, we can nourish our Kidney Qi with dark foods. Now is the time to reach for black figs, black sesame seeds, black beans, wild rice, black grapes, kelp, and black walnuts. The Kidneys also likes a little salt, but not too much- and slow cooked foods that warm our bodies and homes during this cold season.

For those of you who make New Years resolutions, be sure to nourish your Kidney Qi. It’s said that the Kidneys house our will power, and when they are strong the mind can be focused and pursue goals in a single-minded way.