Releasing the Front of the Neck

Posted by on Dec 19, 2020 in Health and Wellness, Muscle Release, News

This holiday season, while we’re all hunkering down, is a good time to get back into your self-care routine and get a jump start to your New Year’s Goals. In this week’s Quick Tip video, Senior Therapist, Jason Garcia, shows you how to use a lacrosse ball to work on the often-overlooked muscles in the front of the neck. Those muscles, the scalenes, tend to become chronically tight when our heads lean forward for too long; a position you might hold during long days in virtual meetings.

You’ve got 3 more days to get bodywork at Psoas before the end of the year! Here are tips on getting a medical referral so that you can see us during the Stay at Home order.
While this year has been an exercise in flexibility and endurance for us, taking such a long break from March to September gave us time to reflect on what we as a team want to be for our clients. Our resolution for this coming year is to play an even larger role in your health and wellness.
Starting in January, four of our therapists will be available for a FREE, 15-minute Discovery Consultation (by video or phone). It’s an opportunity to work with a professional to assess and develop a treatment plan for a physical issue that’s been bothering you, or to discuss how to achieve your wellness goals for 2021. We’re excited to offer this service next year. It’s available to everyone, but it’s limited to one consult per client. Call or email us to get yours scheduled today!
What’s Next for Psoas?
  • Starting on Christmas Day, Psoas will be closed for the Holidays. We’ll return on January 5th continuing to see clients with Medical Referrals until there is a change to the current stay at home order.
  • Dr. Katherine will be available to see clients on 12/31 for chiropractic care and medical referral appointments.
  • Intake specialists will be available by phone and email from 2-4p on 12/27-1/4 to help you get set up for January appointments with your medical referrals.

We’re adapting as much as possible to local government guidelines as they continue to change. We’re glad and proud that we can continue to see clients for bodywork while our Health + Safety Protocols continue to keep our staff and clients safe.