Releasing the Calf with a Tennis Ball

Posted by on Oct 17, 2020 in Muscle Release

Whether you’re pumping out at the gym or walking in pumps,  it’s likely you’ve experienced the nagging aches and pains of the calf muscle that you can’t quite get to with just your normal calf stretch. Chronic low-leg tension can affect our running and walking gait, and when it gets worse it can also lead to localized pain and contribute to issues like plantar fasciitis.
So this week we’re getting the (tennis) ball rolling on a new Quick Tip for your legs. Tennis balls are excellent for working out all kinds of tension in the area, but we’re going to focus on those calves and especially the bulky gastroc muscles. This is a great exercise to throw into anyone’s routine, just remember that it can be easier to overdo this one than some other exercises. If you’d like to learn more about keeping your legs at their optimum, reach out to our intake specialists to learn about what options you have!