Looking Towards August

Posted by on Jun 10, 2020 in News

We are recalibrating once again! Our local government has pushed back the massage + bodywork industry to reopen in mid-August.

If you have a session before Thursday, August 13th, we’ve gone ahead and canceled it for now. Once the schedule becomes more clear, we’ll reach out to reschedule your next appointment. In the meantime, we’ve still got virtual and chiropractic support, and also limited hours with our Intake Specialists available. Any questions? Please reach out – we’re here for you!

THANK YOU for your heartfelt and thoughtful responses to our last newsletter. We hear that you are ready for bodywork, excited to come back, and concerned with love for the Psoas Community. Your support means a lot during this prolonged closure.

We also hear that many of you have new issues from moving your body in fun or different ways, some from the repetitive positions of your Quarantine outposts. And others are ready for personalized and skilled human touch again to help with the tension build-up of this stressful time. Whatever it is, we hope you are hanging in there, and we look forward to getting back to bodywork later this summer!

It’s imperative that everyone feels safe in the clinic as we reopen. Working with CDC + massage industry resources, we plan to share the final version of our updated Health and Safety program with you soon. In the meantime, here are a few safety precautions that we’ve taken since March:

  • Upgrading our HVAC system to the highest filters possible on the system.
  • Making sure each therapy room has its own air purifier with Hepa filter and UV-C light.
  • Testing additional disinfectants (and continuing to consider what is best for the environment and human skin).
  • Working with our professional cleaners to ensure the best laundering practices for our linens.
  • Extreme handwashing! In all reality, it’s sort of an inside joke at Psoas around the body mechanics and style of each therapist at the hand washing station in our breakroom. Nail brushes? We got them.
  • Commissioning a local artisan to supply every staff member with reusable face coverings.

While we’re all feeling the tension of the pandemic, we’re also right there with you as our country faces the enormity of the social and racial injustice boiling at the surface and the amazing energy arising to confront it. How we here at Psoas can take a stand and be part of positive change is a question we will keep top of mind as we strive to listen, discuss, and learn. This too will be a work in progress as we plan our reopening.