Event Massage

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Want exceptional massage at your party or athletic event? With Psoas Event Massage, you can expect the same expertise and dedication we bring to our clients in the clinic. Our therapists love to join you on-site to meet the specific needs of your event's participants — whether they're looking for recovery after a run, prevention of future injuries, or a rehabilitation of the nervous system.  Psoas Massage + Bodywork has experience providing on-site massage for events at gyms, marathons, and athletic competitions around the Bay Area. We offer session lengths that range from...

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Deep Tissue Sports Massage Myofascial Release Trigger Point Active Release Techniques® (ART)  Neurokinetic Therapy® Rolfing® Cupping Craniosacral Therapy Prenatal & Postnatal Massage Orthopedic Massage   Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex® (P-DTR) Corporate Massage Event Massage Deep Tissue Deep Tissue Bodywork is a therapeutic technique used to reduce or eliminate bodily pain and discomfort. This technique often goes very deep into musculoskeletal tissue; however, the term “deep” mostly refers more to its penetrating effects. Deep Tissue is designed to relieve muscles of...

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