Massage Therapists

Since 2003, we’ve pushed the boundaries of what a massage clinic can offer to its clients, its therapists, and the wider bodywork community. And right now, we’re looking for the 2 best deep tissue, sports, and clinical therapists to join our team in 2020.

For a therapist looking to get deeper into the clinical and/or sports massage field, Psoas is a great place to learn and get your career going. For more experienced therapists who are already practicing clinicians, like Neuromuscular therapists, Rolfers, Advanced Sports Massage therapists, Trigger Point experts, and many other orthopedic and soft tissue specialists, this is the place you finally get to work on the clients you were trained to and help them get better. 

Who We Are:

You should apply if…

  • You’re interested in sprains, strains, rehabilitation and maintenance—not only deep relaxation. (We also value therapists who can throw off the clinical hat when needed!)
  • You strive to treat clients with complex issues that will help you grow your skills.
  • You either can or would like to learn how to flexibly integrate your skills to mix the clinical with a deep recovery session.
  • You’re looking for a clinic that works with many styles + levels of athletes (including professional individuals and teams), and enjoy working out complex treatment puzzles alongside skilled colleagues. 
  • You’re in this trade for life and committed to ongoing education in all the latest techniques. 
  • You thrive on continued growth, love feedback, and want to work in a culture that emphasizes skilled communication.
  • You appreciate a thorough interview process designed to see if you fit into our culture and if Psoas is a good fit for you, too.

Because, at Psoas…

 Our clients come to us for curated specialized work, and we collaborate, at every level, to make sure that’s what they receive.  We take careful SOAP notes after each session and refer amongst our wide range of practitioners on the team: ART specialists, Structural Integrationists, Sports and Deep Tissue therapists, neurologically-focused practitioners, and our new chiropractor. 

We offer continuous opportunities for learning—from our senior therapists with 15+ years of experience, and from master teachers (i.e. Marty Morales + Art Riggs) who visit Psoas regularly as trainers. 

We coach our therapists on all elements that define complete care: not just the clinical, but the relational.  

We have an incredible team of intake specialists who anticipate therapist needs, provide a professional touch, and make sure each client is matched with the best therapist for them. 

We’ve hired an incredibly skilled front desk team and invest in their ongoing training so that bodyworkers can focus on what they love. 

We believe in educating our community about the benefits of bodywork and sharing tools to maintain its benefits. That’s why we provide an always-evolving video library of stretch and movement tips –

We leverage a closely vetted, long-standing network of referral partners – including doctors, physical therapists, trainers, and more – to ensure our clients have what they need. 

We are a busy clinic with high repeat visits as well as many new clients. Top rate clinicians will find their schedules full.

We cultivate a culture of self-care and encourage members of our clinical team to trade bodywork with their expert colleagues.


  1. A living wage, commensurate with experience
  2. Catering multiple days a week
  3. Health insurance
  4. Retirement Fund with Company match 
  5. Commuter + gym membership benefits
  6. Education stipend
  7. In-house training program
  8. Regular bodywork trade program with our elite bodyworkers


Minimum 3-year experience, advanced training, and CAMTC certificate required. 

If this speaks to you and you are available for at least 4 shifts (including 1 weekend day); please send the following to

  1. A Cover Letter (in the body of the email)
  2. A Resume (as an attachment)
  3. Employer References

We look forward to meeting you!