(all forward bends will stretch the erectors)

Scott’s favorite for deep erector pain – must be done very slowly, using deep breathing. Remember that the bend at the hip will cause the erectors to be stretched but the head tucked to the chest is the key to this stretch

  • Start seated with knees slightly bent, legs about 12 inches apart. Use a bolster, pillow, rolled blanket or towel, foam roller or anything else that will provide support to allow relaxed, bent knees for a prolonged period.
  • With straight back (not rounded), bend forward until minor stretch is felt and STOP moving and breath.
  • Gently and slowly tuck chin towards chest until erectors begin to feel a slight stretch and STOP moving and breath. Go slowly – people with tight erector muscles will feel a very sudden onset of pain from the stretch – moving too fast will cause a tightening in the erectors – this is a protective response.
  • Remain still and breathe – allow the pain from the stretch to melt away. This could take 30 seconds to a minute.
  • When the stretch melted away, tuck the chin gently and slowly further towards the chest until minor stretch is felt and STOP moving and breath.
  • Breath and allow the stretch to melt away and repeat.

Repeat this a maximum of times or when the stretch pain does not disappear.