Iliotibial Band (side of leg)

The ITB is another soft tissue structure that is difficult to stretch. We use the foam roller to help loosen up the ITB.

  • Lay the foam roller on the floor perpendicular to your body.
  • Now, position your self on your right side to work the right ITB by placing your right hand on one side of the foam roller with your right straight leg lying on the foam roller.  You will have your left leg bent and your left foot placed on the ground in front of your right leg.
  • Use your left hand to stabilize your body as well, but try not to rotate your shoulders into that left hand.
  • Now, roll slowly along the side of your right leg from your knee up to your hip.  When you feel tender spots, stop and work in that area for several repetitions.
  • You can roll in those tender spots or just hang out with pressure until it releases.

*You should definitely have instructions on how to use the foam roller before performing this exercise. Body Mechanics are very important.