• Often times, headaches can cause jaw pain or vice versa. Tight neck muscles can lead to tight jaw muscles, the main one being the masseter muscle.
  • This is a stretch that you will need to use your hands to help the process. Place your three middle fingers of each hand on both sides of your jaw. You can feel the muscle close to and in front of the lower part of your ears
  • With your mouth closed, push your fingers into the muscle and pull your pressure downwards toward the chin but do not actually slide over the skin. Keep your fingers in the same place with no movement while you slowly open your mouth.
  • Now, do the same protocol while pushing the pressure upwards towards the top of your head.
  • Same thing as before, start with your mouth closed, and with no movement of your fingers, slowly open your mouth while keeping the pressure of your fingers engaged in the muscle with the tension upwards.

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