Quick Tip: Is your back slowing you down?

Posted by on Aug 12, 2015 in Bodywork Techniques, Exercises, Health and Wellness, Stretches

It’s the worst when you’re all ready to have an active summer and your back pain gets in the way. That’s why, this week, we’re sharing a few Quick Tips meant to help you improve flexibility and prevent pain in the back. In the first video, Jenny Lightstone demonstrates the ideal way to move from sitting to standing in order to avoid back spasm or pain. If you’re in acute pain right now, this one will be especially helpful. In the second video, Jenny demonstrates a great self-massage technique for the glute medius, which often causes lower back tightness and achiness when it’s not properly loosened. And finally, in the third video, we’re including a reminder to stretch that psoas muscle! This Active Isolated Stretch works with the muscle and neuromuscular pathways to loosen the psoas and prevent back pain. Hope this helps you do everything you want to do this summer!