A Farewell to Michael Talbot

Posted by on May 5, 2021 in Health and Wellness, Muscle Release, News, Stretches

We’re pulling this week’s Quick Tip from the archives: Michael Talbot’s gluteus medius stretch. He offers a different approach to stretching the side of the hip without rotation which can be more effective, and easier to do if rotation in your hip is limited.
We’d like to give big love and a proper Psoas goodbye to Michael who has been an integral part of our therapist team and family since 2010, eventually developing his own technique called Motor Control Therapy. Michael will be staying closer to home in the North Bay and focusing on teaching MCT, hopefully creating an amazing apprentice who can carry on his legacy at Psoas someday! And as you can see here, he will be keeping himself busy with his new Puggle named Max who has now become a part of his stretching program.

As Michael so sweetly put it, “It was inspiring to work with so many who were also focused on achieving the highest levels of care and healing for our clients.” Thanks Michael for contributing to our Psoas community- you will be forever ingrained in our Psoas foundation, and will be missed. 
For those of you who regularly saw Michael and could use some help putting together a new treatment strategy, please reach out to us. We are happy to set up an Intake call to create a new program for you.