Quick Tip: Are you ready to surf?

Posted by on Oct 9, 2019 in Exercises, Stretches

Did you know that Jenny Lightstone (Psoas owner) and Chris Ludwig (Psoas therapist) are both surfers? They love thinking about ways to keep the body wave-ready, and this week’s Quick Tip does just that. The Butterfly Stroke Exercise activates the muscles of the upper back — including the traps, lats, rhomboids, posterior deltoids, and certain rotator cuff muscles.

But this exercise is also great for those of us who’ve never touched a surf board. The muscles of the upper back often get weak when we spend a lot of time at desks, driving, or looking at our phones. By safely activating those underused muscles, this exercise helps facilitate a successful day in the waves, and healthier alignment while sitting or standing still. Try it out, and let us know what you notice!