Engage your core with the Dead Bug exercise.

Posted by on Mar 9, 2020 in Health and Wellness, Stretches

Are you feeling stiffness in your back on a regular basis? Whether you’re waking up with this discomfort, or feeling it throughout the day, back tension can quickly keep you from doing the things you love. Please don’t ignore it! Instead, recover from, and prevent, that feeling of restriction by engaging your core — a little bit, every day.
This week, Chris and Jenny are showing us a way to do that, called the Dead Bug exercise. This move is popular in Pilates workouts and is a great way to warm up your entire core. You can adjust the intensity according to your fitness level. Check out the video and give it a try. If you’d like more support, please join our therapist, Derek Lozupone, for his mat Pilates Class on the 2nd Sunday of every month. The next class is Sunday, April 12th at 10:30 a.m.