Pec Minor Stretch

Posted by on Jul 14, 2021 in Stretches

Keeping in line with our recent theme of more advanced stretches, this week’s Quick Tip is a stretch for Pectoralis Major’s younger sibling, Pectoralis Minor. Although smaller and often overlooked, it plays an important role in the alignment of our shoulder girdle and deserves dedicated focused stretching too, whether you’re a desk worker, an athlete, or both! Next time you’re working on the Major to release that upper body tension, try out this stretch and see if you can feel the different muscles it targets. You can always ask your Psoas therapist to point this out for you and take you through the motions after your session.

In other news, we’re stoked to see Cafe du Soleil and Wine Down fling open their doors this week after a lengthy hiatus. Cafe du Soleil is a beloved lunch spot of our therapists right down the street and Wine Down is a sweet spot to visit if you’re looking to, well… wind down. From one end of the block to the other, our family neighborhood of small businesses are making their way back!