Quick Tip: AIS Tricep Stretch

Posted by on Aug 27, 2014 in Stretches

With August coming to an end, you might be thinking to yourself, “Have I done enough this summer?” Chances are, you’ve probably done a lot, but also knowing the Psoas clientele like I do, you’re probably going to go out and do a lot more.

Good thing we’re here with awesome stretches that will keep your muscles loose, limber and ready for anything. Co-owners, Jenny Lightstone and Scott Schwartz, are back in the training room for this week’s Quick Tip. Join them as Scott guides Jenny through the proper techniques for an effective Active Isolated Stretch for your triceps.

It is very important that one understands two simple concepts when doing Active Isolated Stretching (AIS). Please view this video before trying this stretch.

This exercise is great for weight lifters, yogis, Pilates enthusiasts, bartenders, construction workers, sculptors, writers, musicians and anyone who uses their hands and arms a lot.

For the best results:    

  •     You can do this sitting or standing.
  •     Lift your right arm up and over your right shoulder as if you’re going to pat yourself on the back.
  •     When you get to the point of most resistance, use your Left hand to push your arm a little further.
  •     Hold this additional push for a second and release all the way back down.
  •     Don’t push yourself beyond your limits
  •     With each repetition, you should feel your triceps stretch a little further. The goal is to be further back on the final  repetition than you were on the first.
  •     Do this exercise on both arms for 10 repetitions, 2-3 times a day.
  •     Don’t forget to breathe.

Note: If you feel pain and/or numbness during the exercise, discontinue until checking with a professional.