Quick Tip: Are you making the most of your doorway?

Posted by on Aug 2, 2017 in Exercises, Health and Wellness, Stretches

We know it can be tricky to make time in your day for stretching. That's why we love finding reminders and props in our everyday environment. Doorways are especially great for this; they're everywhere, and they're awesome supports for a certain kind of upper body stretch. So check out this week's doorway Quick Tip — an active isolated stretch for the latissimus dorsi (lats). This stretch is great for desk workers, drivers and for anyone with shallow breathing or tightness around their rib cage. You'll likely feel this in the shoulders and down into the lats, but it will also get at some of the other muscles that help with the shoulder's internal rotation.

Try this one out next time you walk through a doorway, and let us know how it goes. And keep an eye out for another doorway quick tip next week!